Feeding the poor and clothing them

We read in James: “15 If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, 16and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?”

Which is to fulfill the law of love: “8 If you really fulfill the royal law according to the Scripture, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself,” you do well;..”

So what about spiritual food? And spiritual clothing?

In the Gospel, we read that Jesus said his food was to do the will of the Father.

We read in Revelation that those in heaven; their clothing were the acts of justice that they did.

We are told that loving your brother means to tell him of his fault. But many are too afraid. It seems to be a natural instinct of fear to not tell them. Yet not telling them leads to gossip which leads to feelings of superiority and then slander. Not wanting to tell them causes rash judgments in our hearts that closes our minds to new input making our hearts hard.

So when we see a brother no knowing the will of God or not doing it we need to tell them. But all too often we justify NOT telling them is love. That they need to figure it out on their own or that it is between them and God. But perhaps they cannot see or hear or are lame. Thus us telling them is a miracle of healing them to see, to hear and to walk. It is the greater miracle than actually giving a blind man sight but giving spiritual insight.

With kids we have no problem telling them. Why do we tell them? So that they will have good character. We would never say a kid needs to figure it out on his own! So when we do not tell our brother scripture explains that we are indeed hating our brother.

Now telling them will almost never be well received initially they go through the fazes of loss. Denial, anger, hatred, negotiation and not many then find acceptance.

I saw a sister of mine go to board a plane. She forgot to pre-board online and they penalized her with fees. She was angry and reviled them – saying terrible cuss words and cursing them with names. I gave her a look of shock. Then a few moments later as she complained again I quietly said to her “be angry and do not what?” she got angry and exclaimed, “I do not care!!”. If it were my child I would have asked the child to say sorry to me and to ask God for forgiveness. I admit I was worried about her hating me for this truth and did not say more. I loved her with some exhortation but I did not love her as my own self in that I did not rebuke her when she was defensive.

It takes a community with gentle rebuke to bring someone to their senses (a cloud of witnesses). But sadly nobody else is willing to help. They would rather “PRAY” for them than love them with the truth.

Christians fail to obey and thus they do not love Christ and in their disobedience they obey the lusts of their flesh hating their brother. And scripture says that he who hates his brother does not know God.

As my friend left Greece I did mail her a letter suggesting she seek to bless and not curse. That simply asking those around her even her kids to point out to her when she does this – that at first their reminder will seem to sting but she will remember she asked them to do it –  in three short weeks, she will have changed dramatically.

Christians fail to mature due to an unwillingness to love one another which is the royal law.

Quoting the Old Testament it says that we are to tell our brother/neighbor so that you do not share in their sin and so that you do not hold a grudge. In doing this you will have loved your brother as yourself. Christians of all kinds know nothing of this! It is veiled to them as they are in need of eye salve to cleanse their eyes. When I attempt to share it some will agree but when I then ask them to be a witness they have too many excuses.

One said it is going Rambo on them. Really? If my kid refused to apologize and so I put him in his room until he changed his mind you would not call that going Rambo. So in seeking to not obey Jesus and be a witness she reviled me (vilified saying I am an extremist).

Another man said his father just died and he is not available. Well his father had passed two months prior he has kids and I suppose if his son came to him and said my brother hit me he would not reply to his kids “grandpa just passed and I am busy dealing with that”

I could go on and on for the excuses. Funny they claim they are not willing to judge for righteousness sake and so in order to get out of it the DO judge for unrighteousness sake. That is they come up with all sorts of far reaching judgments for why I asked them to do – what Jesus said to do!!!


A rock and a hard place

Here in Greece work is scarce at the moment. It is what is sometimes referred to as an employer’s market. There are more than enough people seeking the one job and so the employer can ask a low wage and even cheat them.

I have had a very hard time finding work. At times I do and others in the community slander me. Sadly no body is willing to make a sworn affidavit so that I can help my neighbor with self control and character (accountability).

Recently I worked. It was the first time in Greece, I have been here six years and so I am not experienced in the process. After a few days I got paid but was not asked for my tax id, etc. And the pay was low. So I sought advice and then went to the employment office and asked for the facts as to what my obligations are and what wage should I receive. So when I returned to work I simply handed him my numbers needed to hire me.

Now fear gripped me. What if he is unwilling to do the right thing and pay the government? I have four kids my wife does not work. We do not get the four kid benefit something about we have not been in Greece ten years (we have been for seven) we do not qualify for welfare for the same reason. Many people panic at this point and exclaim “how do you live?” Such fear that men have.

Well my employer offered to give me the money that would go to the government and continue to pay me under the table (a bribe). I replied that 1,000,000 people working one day in Greece is a lot of six euros that the government needs. Just because they do work should I do wrong in return? So he did the paper work paid me and yes let me go – that day! He did the paper work knowing I had consulted with the employment office. He even paid me a tip so at to satisfy me and get rid of me.

So I can’t pay my bills. I could have rationalized and said that working under the table enables me to pay the electric bill so I am doing good. That enjoying the benefit of having four kids they will never shut it off and allowing the bill to increase is a greater evil. But wouldn’t that be a lie I tell myself to justify my fear of what will I eat. And is it really a fear of what will I eat or a fear of not having pleasure?

This is where faith comes in. Jesus said the birds do not worry about what they will eat. Is it that simple? God I am going to do the right thing therefore you must feed me? But how – how will he do this? Well you can’t walk on water if you don’t step out on the water. Understanding does not come first but doing does! You will never know until you go all in!

Recently they offered a food card. We applied and were told that we might be lying since we claim four kids but our 2014 tax’s filed for 2013 says three kids. Well the baby was born in 2014 and will not show up until 2015 on our tax’s. Apparently we had ten days to clarify the discrepancy but were NOT notified when the ten days began and only found out the day they were handing out the cards which is too late and cannot refile. My wife was upset. I said if God has provided these seven years then he could have made this happen and didn’t. Yes they are stupid but no we will be fine. She was still not Ok so I encouraged her to send something to the government so that she does not hold a grudge.

Yes it can seem like suffering. Like the days or week when we have NO diapers. But this is really a great inconveniency, like the old days of washing clothes at the river. We forget that just 100 years ago there were no phones, electricity, one could not travel to the other side of the world in one day!

Greece is a nation of Christianity but does not act like Christ at all. Faith is not some theory you believe but is suppose to be an experience you had. So the day we would have nothing to eat the whole week we searched every nook and cranny for any change and none was left in the house I said to God “how can I tell people to trust you – to choose to do the right thing and God will provide if we do not eat tonight?” I was angry and a bit panicked saying to myself “what have I chosen? What have I done?’ I then went in the house and my wife walked up to me stunned and in shock – in plain view on top the dresser she just found a two Euro coin! This was not possible. With that we bought tomato sauce, spaghetti, flour, yeast from the baker, and a can of condensed milk. This gave us dinner and breakfast for tomorrow (home made bread).

Time and again: Once we had no diapers prayed and in the still small voice of God heard to go to the store and buy some. We have no money and reasoned that maybe someone in America put money in our American account – the worst that will happen is we will be embarrassed at the register when our card is declined. On the way there we found a ten Euro bill in the gutter!

Another time I was walking and heard the still small voice say “look in the garbage can” this is not a comfortable thing to do when you fear the opinions of men. Even thinking that it might cause one to say “Is this how God provided for having done justly?” but I obeyed and there was a bag of dippers. How odd!

One day I told God that I miss eating an omelet. The next day I was sitting and I hear him say “Go for a walk” as I walked he said “Go to sfakion street” as I walked I heard “Look left” and there was a bag with thirty fresh eggs!

So it has gotten easier to have faith due to experience. But endurance the long lasting of it is still to be conquered.

Why is Greece such a mess? Well in my opinion it is their philosophy. Their foundational philosophy (I will not go into it).

In original Christianity it was a family, the church was the mother. You can read my other posts to see some of the idea. It is no longer a family or a mother but more of an institution of cultural tradition, a convention. Like a soccer club that loves the sport but hates the other team even though without the other team there is no sport they are clicks, and clubs.

They no longer love their neighbor as themselves. They neglect mercy, justice, and faith. The double edge sword of love is suppose to heal every wound and to burn out every evil. Like the priest and the religious man they say that helping the injured man is less important. They have lost the interpretation of the Samaritan to mean a man whse souls is injured, they have lost the meaning that food is to know Gods will and clothing is to do his will.

David inspired of the Holy Spirit said he has never seen the man who does the right thing hunger nor his children begging for bread.

Me doing the right thing has so scared my religious parents both American and Greek that they feared that we are starving and sought to have our kids taken from us. I was raised to believe in God and when I chose too – those who demanded that I trust him said I was crazy to trust him?

This is like a man who asks you to do him a favor and then turns you in as a criminal for having done what he asked. It is a deep betrayal.

They have their reward and I have mine. We have trust maturity and serenity. They have their feast filled with back biting, murmurs, slander and contention.

Solomon inspired by the Holy Spirit said “better is a little with joy than feats with strife”

He also wrote that to do justly and judgment is better than sacrifice.

You see my employers business was filled with Icons. They believe that these honor God, but they are a sacrifice they are not obedience. As King Saul disobeyed in slaughtering the sheep they too post these icons as a drug as a way of silencing their conviction of guilt the burning coals that are there to mature them and heal them are smothered with false religious ritual rather than simply doing the right thing..

God speaks if you listen. He will tell you what you need to hear and not what you always want to hear. (Socrates called it the oracle within)

The current Greek government gave up. Surrendered! They chose to work under the table and not do the right thing for they do not know that God would take care of them, if they simply asked him too and for his guidance. If I was caught working there is consequence. The government will chastise me for having done what they did? Jesus said when you see hypocrisy to flee.

..if My people who are called by My name will HUMBLE themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Jesus said to seek the kingdom but everyone forgets the conjunction to that – and his justice! They like to say his righteousness as if to know how good he is. NO! To seek from him the strength, knowledge and trust TO DO THE RIGHT THING despite fears and instincts of the natural so that one can experience the supernatural. That despite how many times of how often we may fail that if we seek him to help us fix and do he will forgive mercifully anxiously!!!

Humble is what is missing more than the praying. “God I need some experience first in order to trust you. God what will I eat? How will you feed me?”

You see Moses was humble and yet had false humility. First he said I cannot speak. “So Ya God your stupid to choose me don’t you know anything I can’t speak!” Then he said Ok God how will they know you sent me? Then God gave him experience right then and there. And the ability to give those he was sent to to know he was sent. And despite being sent things got worse before they got better and despite all the signs they chose to murmur not willing to endure the surgery.

Such is a religion that does not mature people. Justice with mercy and learning to trust God matures us.


Do for your neighbor what you would want him to do for you; No greater love than to put your life on the line for your fellow man.

I was trying to explain to my friend that his religious understanding of these two statements does not give him practical life application for them.

You see so many people seem to think that it is ok for them to not be a good Samaritan. To avoid trouble.

So I said to my friend: Lets say you were over visiting on Friday all evening. And then a few days later the police came to arrest you saying that a woman you know filled charges against you for rape. That this supposed rape took place Friday night. Would you be worried? Probably not. You would immediately think “I was with Brian, brian can easily testify as my alibi for this false accusation”. But what if I responded like you and said “I don’t want any trouble! I don’t want to get involved!” thus refusing to be your alibi.

How would you THEN feel? You would rightly feel betrayed.

What if it was mobsters doing a scam and they would even threaten my life? How would you feel? Would you think that duress was a legitimate excuse and thus would not feel betrayed?

If I were falsely accused I would want you to tell the truth and be my alibi. If I were falsely accused I would want you to risk your life to fight evil simply by telling the truth.

Don’t think this to be too hypothetical. I knew a pastor who was accused of a sexual relationship with a woman. She seemed to have details of many get togethers, but once she gave actual dates and times – each time he was with someone else….

Another man I met was on the street because his employer had cheated him. He had confiscated his passport and increased his rent (he both rented from him and worked for him). He told him that unless he paid an additional amount of money he would not give his id back. His two brothers in town refused to go and speak with the man with him saying “I don’t want any trouble”. Now if they went to the police – well the Greek police were friends with the extortioner and so were enabling him and thus were his accomplices.

So I went to the man and with the guy asked for the id back. He was afraid seeing me a large guy and an American. He ran us off his property. So we went to the police station and they ignored us telling us to come back the next day when the chief will be there. We did and no chief. Waited a few more hours and the officer said to me “go and grab him by the neck and demand it back, it is illegal for him to hold the id”. (they were pretending not to know him). I went to the mans house and as I arrived he was leaving, so I went up to his truck window and told him that the police said it was illegal for him to have the id. I slammed my hands against his car window and it scared him ([Like Jesus with the whip] I later realized the police had called him and warned him I was coming and had said I was going to beat him up). So I went back to the police, they said let me call him and did! Never asking us for his number – it was now I began to realize they know him! At this moment God whispered to me the man is more afraid than you are he will come to the station and I want you to put your mean face on (this was not hard usually when I am deep in thought people tell me I look angry). He arrived and was so distracted by my countance that he scraped the whole passenger side of his truck along a retaining wall. He wouldn’t walk over to the station without the other cop coming out to escort him he was so afraid to walk past me.

He went in and began to falsely accuse me. So I went and sat right next to him as I heard the Spirit. He could no longer speak clearly due to this closeness. He tried to say that I damaged his truck, the police wanted my passport, but I had a certified copy and he was angry saying I MUST have the original. (Later I realized he was going to confiscate it and then manipulate me with it but since I had only a certified copy [which is legal despite his insisting otherwise] he had no power) the cop then tried to accuse my Romanian friend of being an illegal alien but I reminded him that Romania joined the EU last year. He then went on about the truck. I said wait I have been asking you about the id for days….. they insisted on seeking to vilify me. I then suggest we go and look at the truck. Just then the Romanian guy got some courage and said that if they don’t do the right thing we will go and file a report at the head police station for the county against this station, that sobered up the cop and he demanded the man give the id back. It was all a whirlwind and I was scared it was obvious that they wanted to stop me and so I agreed to pay the man some money in order to get the id.

As we drove away with the id my new found Romanian friend cried. He thanked me saying he thought nobody would ever help him. (by the way if you are thinking why didn’t he just get a new one remember he was on the street without id no Job and no travel, plus it was not local to get a new one. He was really stuck).

So he was happy because someone risked himself for fairness. Someone put themselves in his position of being cheated, manipulated by even the local authorities. The cop said to me in the end “its not natural for you to be his friend” this he said because he was angry that we succeeded.

Now years later my Romanian friend is a witness to a brother having a continual problem of beating his family. Verbal and physical violence. It came to the attention of the DA and he refused to testify. So I said to him “you are glad to get help but not to help?’ You are his accomplice just as those police were your employers accomplices! His ego not wanting to hear this he not remembering that faithful are the wounds of a friend. Got angry and accused me of manipulation.

Jesus will judge us on one thing

“many many will come to me on that day and say “did we not cast out demons in your name, heal the sick and prophecy and I will say to them depart I NEVER knew you for you were UNJUST!” he will judge us if we have love, love can only come from him and love treats his neighbor the way he wants to be treated and risks his life for even his enemies.

Risk your life doing for your neighbor what you would want him to do for you if the roles were reversed and this – will change the world!

Christianity no longer changes the world – it is clubs and clicks full of back biting, hatred and superiority minded religious fools!

What are they really saying?

A thirteen year old girl in our church community was raped by her uncle. It had happened more than once. Her father not wanting to do the right thing and turn in the uncle declared it was his daughters fault. He beat her. Due to her trauma she began pulling out her hair. So he beat her to teach her not to pull out her hair

I told the church that the uncle needs to be reported to the authorities. I told the community the father needs to be turned into the authorities lest we be complicit – that is accomplices. If repentant the father would be on probation for three years having been required to see a psychiatrist.

They all said “better to let it go and forgive”.

But this is a crime and we are criminally negligent if we do nothing. Neither are repentant!

Again they said “better to let it go and forgive”. And so I wondered – is this an excuse or really believed? (the man still beats his family their let it go brought no change)

Some time later a brother in our church community was committing adultery. As scripture says I went to speak with him. He said it was none of my business. But his wife is my friend before him and I said she will feel betrayed if I don’t tell her I would rather you told her.

Jesus said to get a witness. So I sought one and they said to me “better to let it go and forgive”. But Jesus said to talk to him NOT to let it go. Jesus said if we love him we will keep his commandment to get a witness and talk to our brother.

Oh brian just let it go why would you want to cause trouble?

Then I wondered. Is this an excuse?

If you are not willing to be witness you will not inherit the kingdom of God.

If we are unfaithful in the few we will be unfaithful in the many.

When anyone says let it go and forgive what are they really saying? Many times it has been drilled into their minds and they are just regurgitating what they know. But most the time it is an excuse for selfishness, laziness, and just pure evil.

MARRIAGE commentary on 1 Cor. 7:10-16

10 Now to the married I command, yet not I but the Lord: A wife is not to depart

from her husband. 11 But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife.

12 But to the rest I, not the Lord, say: If any brother has a wife who does not believe, and she is willing to live with him, let him not divorce her. 13 And a woman who has a husband who does not believe, if he is willing to live with her, let her not divorce him.

14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband; otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy.

15 But if the unbeliever departs, let him depart; a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God has called us to peace. 16 For how do you know, O wife, whether

you will save your husband? Or how do you know, O husband, whether you will save your wife?

Now with commentary:

This letter is Paul responding to a letter. We don’t know what they asked but we can guess with what he answers. It’s like hearing someone on the phone and you can kinda get what the caller asked.

10 Now to the married I command, yet not I but the Lord: [Hes tell us what God told him not his opinion] A wife is not to depart from her husband. [So it would seem that they were asking if there is any longer any point to being married at ALL. This is why earlier in the chapter he speaks about young ladies if they should EVER marry. And so God is saying that Yes remain married and still get married. There is still a need for marriage, for God desires Godly offspring – that is children raised in a fair home Malachi 2:14,15] 11 But even if she does depart, let her remain unmarried or be reconciled to her husband. And a husband is not to divorce his wife. [So if a woman does leave her husband in the service of the Lord or visa versa, i.e. God sends you to a far country without your spouse you know you wont see each other for a very long time, you are STILL married. Or if you think you should live alone You definitely cannot remarry. This is not a legitimate reason to divorce. (for a legitimate reason see this article http://bit.ly/1MnIL2v )]

12 But to the rest I, not the Lord, say: If any brother has a wife who does not believe, and she is willing to live with him, let him not divorce her. [They were asking that as new spiritual beings do we not give up marriage, all together? No we still marry or don’t marry as God may call us individually. If you were married when you believed remain even if the spouse is an unbeliever] 13 And a woman who has a husband who does not believe, if he is willing to live with her, let her not divorce him. [willing to live, that is the unbeliever has no desire to depart or cause for you to put them away (divorce)] 14 For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband; otherwise your children would be unclean, but now they are holy. [If you have an unbelieving spouse they are sealed without believing. What does that mean? Well its like in Egypt with the Passover, your door is marked and nobody will die when the destroyer comes he will pass over your house despite one or more inside DON”T believe.]

15 But if the unbeliever departs, let him depart; a brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases. But God has called us to peace. [You are free to be single or to remarry if THEY leave, IF THEY initiate the divorce. But if they have violated the marriage contract You can initiate the divorce. See article http://bit.ly/1MnIL2v ] 16 For how do you know, O wife, whether you will save your husband? Or how do you know, O husband, whether you will save your wife? [don’t fight their desire to leave – allow them to reject you even if you didn’t violate the contract they are by their leaving.]

So we see that some wanted to be extra spiritual and thought that they should no longer seek ANY fleshly pleasure and so not marry or remain married. But no God still desires godly offspring and marriage is his way of teaching us his kingdom principles for thus it says an elder Must rule his house well.

What does it mean if they leave? Most likely they will not want to leave, but if they are doing evil any kind of sin and you refuse to partake – such as to lie for them and may even expose them they will either repent and even come to believe, but will most likely want nothing to do with you.

I counseled a woman once whose husband once again stole money from her to begin again his drug habit [relapse]. His stealing was an embezzlement, a lie he crafted to cheat his own wife. This is abusive and God has not called us to be victims [see article http://bit.ly/1MnIL2v ]. I told her to confront him and if he refuses since she did not have any brothers or sisters willing to help her, she simply put him in “time out”. She should live in the corner of the roof rather than in a contentious home. She thought what I said was unloving and harsh. But when she woke up the next day as she sat up in bed and she supernaturally heard my voice say loudly and sternly “put him in time out”. Now I am on the other side of the world I counseled her over the phone, what she heard was God telling her in his own creative way to listen to the wisdom I gave Brian his words on this matter are my words. She did as I advised and her husband repented, took full responsibility and made amends. It was not easy but it was easier than leaving.

We confront them and if they don’t repent we don’t eat with them. We cook for them and SERVE them the food, but we eat later or at another table. If it was a crime we report the crime providing we have proof, but first having given them the chance to undo or come clean on their own.

This is WHEN you give the greatest love, this is when you risk your life for your fellow man, for “there is no greater love than to lay down [risk] your life for your neighbor”. They may get murderous, they may get worse. Like false imprisonment it either makes you stronger or it makes you bitter, vengeful, and hateful. Them getting worse is their choice and you did not cause it.

Now what this passage does not cover is what if you lived together for years may even have kids together and are NOT married legally or in one or either of your hearts? What do you do now that you are a believer?

There is no “here is how it works” answer. WE need revelation for each specific case. We need father telling the believer what to do and we as brethren only encouraging and aiding in what they hear even hearing ourselves to give them confirmation. Jesus met the woman at the well, she was shacking up with a man and she had already had five husbands. Jesus goes and eats with them. Not only was she a Samaritan – and her boyfriend -, but they were in adultery and yet Jesus stayed with them for two days eating with them. [John 4:40].

Does your state have common law marriage? Does the partner want to get married? The wanting too needs to be for God. The wanting too is for the sake of the Children’s psychological health and the community. Not wanting too is selfish and damaging to all. But don’t be too zealous. In all things led of the Spirit for those who are led of the Spirit ARE sons of God.[Romans 8] Keep in mind Jesus spent several days with them, he began his being with them as an exhortation. He said let fertilizer be put around the tree and give it one more year before it is cut down. Give them time and a chance. But when the time comes if need be when we show up with a chainsaw, when we put our gloves and goggles on and we fire up the saw and they hear the roar of the saw it may be that moment they surrender [Surrender is the fruit we were looking for!].

All things led and guided by him.

Final thoughts:

Even if your spouse breaks the marriage vows (contract) you can bring them to repentance and be restored to them. But if you filling for divorce as a last step does not change their mind (repentance) let them go, how do you know you can save them? If you don’t you most likely are enabling their stubbornness for their selfish behavior and are guaranteeing that they will probably not come around for there is no want, drive, or thirst to change. I know a lady who’s husband was in adultery and living with his girlfriend it wasn’t until she took the steps to file for the divorce that he then saw this was reality and then repented. She had pleaded with him, told him the path for mercy and reconciliation but most the time they assume you are bluffing. Her children too – who at the time were young adults – told him that he is in the wrong and would love him but not keep company with him unless he repented.

Its hard work, but it works – this way of holding accountable and loving your neighbor with correction.

And in regard to divorce in general some are confused for there are passages where God says that he hates divorce. He hates it but it did not say or mean to never do it. God often divorced Israel did he not? Yes he prefers reconciliation but if one side is not making amends the other side is freed.

A negotiation is not a negotiation without divorce as an option and not just a bluff.

He who seeks to keep his life will lose it, but he for the gospels sake loses his life will find it.”



When is name calling helpful and not helpful?

I find that in a way it is always helpful. When someone calls me a name it often reveals their heart. Then there is telling someone what they are likened to when trying to open their mind.

Likening someone to something should be done to help them. Often people don’t want the help so they will hate you for having done so. John the Baptist called the religious a brood of vipers. They were people who bit and poisoned others with their words and teachings. Jesus said they were white washed tombs trying to tell them that they looked good on the outside but were not healthy on the inside.

Then the religious called Jesus and John madmen, devils.

It comes down to motive. Jesus and John were attempting to help them while the religious were attempting to vilify John and Jesus so that they could justify not heeding their messages.

On the other hand when Paul was hit on the cheek by order of the high priest and called him a white washed tomb, he then repented of having done so. Jesus didn’t revile but Paul did! Why? Paul did not give just a rebuke but he showed an attitude of superiority in his rebuke. Had he just said “you strike me contrary to the law does that not make you a white washed tomb?’ it would not have been reviling.

Recently a woman said I was cuckoo. Well let me quote her:

“you are cuckoo…Feel sorry for your family…God bless…hope you mentality improves…I am going to block you and remove your post.”

What had I done or said? I simply said that turning the other cheek means to give exhortation. I quoted from scripture where Jesus had been hit in the cheek and he exhorted the man for having done so. John 18:23

When someone does NOT WANT to hear or even consider what you are saying, they will vilify you in order to justify themselves – she could have just asked me to not speak with her and even to please delete the post. Her overreaction is defensive and thus indicates that she knows the logic is valid, but it goes against her tradition and she felt pain and this pain – which is natural and part of the process – in her ignorance interpreted it as an attack..

I had my 14yr old daughter read her response. She was shocked that a supposed Christian would be so rude and verbally violent while saying “God bless you” she said “as if the God bless you makes it ok to be evil”. I explained to my daughter that it is a natural psychological response.

When people heard the world was round and not flat they initally responded in this negative way because they were close minded on the subject. They refused to consider it, they refused to look at the evidence and instead chose to vilify Galileo calling him a madman and an idiot. When this did not deter him they then killed him. In the same way when Stephen loved his neighbors by telling them that they are resisting the Holy Spirit, that they by having killed Jesus is likened to them having killed the prophets of old, not wanting to hear the truth and possibly repent took it as an attack and so they KILLED him! Keep in mind they felt literal pain in their consciences while they heard this. He pricked their hearts. (heaped burning coals upon their heads)

Today it’s not so easy to have sanctioned murder and so the polite assassination is vilifying you and then slandering you to others.

Blood is literally restricted in the brain, they feel literal pain, this is part of the healing process. But like an infant that gets an immunization they don’t understand that the pain is to benefit them.

I like to quote Star Trek in this matter. The captain is going to do an unjust act and his first officer is trying to reason with him that it goes against who we are as a people and the captain replies:

“I am not gonna take ethics lessons from a robot.”

To which is non-emotional logical first officer replies:

“Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.”

This woman said I was an insane idiot over a conversation of turning the other cheek and her response to call me names and to block me without any chance of mercy was not in anyway her applying her version of turning the other cheek. “They lay burdens that they themselves cannot lift” and hate you if you dare try to be kind and point it out. “A wise man will receive instruction and become wiser”. “He who hates instruction is a fool”.

No body seems to cares enough to help her see this. Everyone says “I have work of the Lord to do” and or “be warm and fed” as she said to me. If I ask they will even say that I am causing problems rather than the truth, namely they don’t see the importance and would rather not be involved. They too vilify to justify their own selfish way. Or they may say “just forgive and let it go”. And at times an exhortation is enough, but if a repeated issue a mother should be brought in.

For every idle word we speak we will be judged. I would seek to spare them from this judgment. Yet I can tell them only twice and then avoid them. If no body wants to be a witness so that where two or there are gathered there HE is in the midst and so we are HIS body, HIS bride, A MOTHER!. There is nothing more I can do and to try to is to become a problem myself. It is to be quarrelsome and contentious.


It is said to “saved” believers that revilers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Believers seem to have no idea what it means to be a reviler. ( http://bit.ly/1ER9yhr )

When we have a tradition and are not open to hearing it may be wrong someone proving us wrong literally hurts us and can feel like we are being attacked. It is not an attack. For example when Peter had his vision to eat the unclean meat, he was not open to the idea that now he could eat just any meat. So his response was to rebuke God! Very presumptuous to correct God is it not? But God knows this is a natural response to truth and forbore with him.

Today when someone hears such a thing from God they rush to say that they must have heard the devil and not God or that they are crazy and need to be admitted.

Nobody wants to take the time to work things out. Too many jump to take sides, rather than being on the side of fairness. Its funny Father had me say to her “to arbitrarily call someone cuckoo is to revile that person” I then looked up the word arbitrarily and it says “ … forcing your will on others without any regard to fairness or necessity” and synonyms are dictatorial, high-handed, imperious, etc.

She felt attacked rather than informed and her response was to attack! We are commanded to not return reviling for reviling. I neither reviled her nor attacked her and she both reviled and attacked me. She is not open to hearing. We are told to inform them twice and then to move on knowing that such a person is warp minded and sinning. That is they are not open-minded (teachable).

Studies have shown – through a ten year study with MRI scans – that the brain of religious persons set in their ways actually atrophies (decays) at a faster rate than normal.

Being religious is literally bad for your health, maturity, and intelligence.

Jesus said when you see the religious being hypocritical flee!

There is a cure but nobody will bear with new wine in a new wineskin….They see the new wine in their old wineskin and it bursts and this bursting they claim as proof that we should leave well enough alone. Thus nobody matures.


Reviling is a word I use to not understand. In 1 Corinthians Ch 5 is says not to keep company with a brother named a reviler. When I would look at commentaries or ask preachers they would tell me only that it means to blaspheme God.

Since then I have learned to ask God to teach me and one day while walking down the road I heard him say “when you go home look up the word revile in the original Greek in 1 Cor. 5 and study where else it is used, its synonyms, and its antonyms.”

That was a lot of work. The easiest verse that helped me begin to understand what it means is John 9:28 where the exact word is used as in 1 Cor. 5 and not a synonym.

“then they reviled him and said, “you are his disciple, but we are Moses’ disciples.”

Here it is a statement of superiority. Other places are in 1 Cor 6 and in Gal where it says that a reviler will NOT inherit the kingdom of God.

A place that uses a synonym is 2 Peter where it says when they speak evil to you on your part God is glorified but on their part God is blasphemed. The word blasphemy and speak evil IS a synonym to reviler which in Greek is Lidoros.

Then Father spoke to me again and had me read the story of Merriam belittling Moses to Aaron because his wife is black. She reviled Moses saying he was not the best choice due to his wife. But she did not realize she was saying that God was stupid HE did not make a good choice. Thus she simultaneously reviled Moses and blasphemed God. God then gave her leprosy in her flesh to show us what reviling does to our souls. Moses begged for her flesh to be healed and I beg for their souls to be healed and since they do not understand what I understand they see my earnestness as foolishness.

Therefore anytime we are rude, act superior too or insult anyone –EVEN THE DEVILS* – we are a reviler and have blasphemed God.

We can say someone is being evil – that their actions are evil, but it is for God to judge if THEY ARE EVIL! How do we reconcile what I just said with “a brother named a reviler”. The sin we judge is not the reviling, the extortion or the adultery. NO the sin we judge is the sin of excusing sin. So if a brother has reviled we tell him. If he doesn’t hear it we gather two or three and tell him. If he does not repent we say he is reviling he is excusing his behavior thus he is a reviler we judge him a false brother until he at anytime repents. Even if he reviled seven times in a day we seek his repentance EACH TIME!. So we do not declare him a reviler but a brother who had BEEN reviling. We don’t say he IS an adulterer but a brother who has been (doing the action) of adultery.

When two or three are gathered we are his hands and feet, his body, his bride – a mother who is given charge to discipline/train his children.

In my experience reviling occurs for sure when an unrepentant brother is confronted.

Reviling phrases that have been said to me:

your nuts

You are crazy

You are cuckoo

Your mental

Your thin skinned

Who gave you authority

You just want to be right

You are homosexual

Your tricking us for an evil purpose

Your judging

Get the plank out of your own eye

Its none of your business

Your possessed

You have a demon

You hear the devil

You are twisting scripture

You hold a grudge

You are unforgiving

You are a cult leader

That was so long ago

You are dishonoring your parnets


These are said to give a red herring. To deflect and change the subject.

So the commentaries and preachers I talked to and read were correct it is blasphemy but they had NO idea that it was rudeness and superiority! I hear Jesus saying to them “And you are teachers!!!”

*It says that Michael in the book of Jude dared not bring a reviling accusation against the devil. The greek word is not lodoros there but blasphemia a synonm for lidoro.