Religious ethics

Many years ago when I was about 20 years old I had a job. At the time I was attending Calvary Chapel of Vancouver WA. I had become very devoted to wanting to know and experience God. My job was installing rain gutters. I was the helper on the crew the lowest guy and so had essentially two bosses. They were not the owners but the business was a partnership of two guys and one of the guys father. So I had a lot of boss’s.

There was a lot of foul language. The church taught me nothing on how to deal with this.

One day we were working on a Saturday. No owners just the crew. We went way out of town to install gutters on a house. While I was finishing up my tasks the guys informed me we are doing the house next door now as well.

After we finished and drove away one of the guys handed me 75 dollars and said this is your share. It confused me completely. I was making only 7 dollars an hour and so an eight our day was only 56 dollars a day before tax’s.

What I later figured out was that while doing the job we were scheduled to do the neighbor came over and asked that we do his house and paid cash. They over charged a little and didn’t report the extra job to the owners at all and kept all the cash having split it between us. They took like 150 each and gave me 75.

So I went to an elder at the church and asked him what to do. He told me that whenever something like that happens to him he simply takes all the money and puts it in the offering box at the church.

So I did just that.

The church had needed some gutters and so I began asking the guys if we could put some on the church. It was only about a value of 100 dollars in the little amount of gutters needed.

One day I over heard the pastor suggesting that I was dishonest since I had put gutters on the church and didn’t pay or charge the church. I had offered to pay the guys but they refused. (why didn’t the pastor just ask me?)

Today I know better. Today these people at that church I attended the elder is now the pastor at CC Longview and the other the CC Woodland They still give the same advice today and do not know any better.

WHY? They are not willing to pay the price to learn better. I have since been taught by God what is the right thing to do. If I could go back in time and give my young self advice or if someone came to me what would I say?

“Son this is where bearing your light before men to glorify God happens. This is when men will persecute you and say all kinds of evil against you. You need to count the cost of following God. For you see he desires justice and not sacrifice (prov. 21:2). You need to give them mercy, you need to be bold and tell them that you think they cheated the owners, that you cannot have any part in that. That THEY need to tell the owners or you will. This they most likely will see as a threat and most likely if you try and tell the owners they will succeed in making you look like the bad guy. They may even physically harm you. But know this no man who sought to please the Lord by doing the right thing will be forsaken – God will give you a new job and if not he will feed you miraculously”

You see the elder told me to give the criminal proceeds as a sacrifice – he did not tell me to be the salt of the earth by helping them do the right thing. He neglected justice and mercy. Faith is also neglected in that God will take care of you if persecuted and if the job is lost for having done the right thing. These men (Pastors) are religious and yet worldly. They do not realize that if you do not exhort your coworker you slowly and on a subtle and slippery slope become like them. Saying nothing not only makes you their accomplice but it altars your character.

He having advised me to give the money to God is no different than people in the middle ages buying the right to sin. It is Cain’s offering of vegetables.

My son is 12. I asked him if his friends say cuss words. He said sometimes. I asked him if he asks them not too. He said he tries but they interrupt him. I suggested it was hard to do but better to lose the friend than to become like them. Exhortation is your antidote to their mistake. You see on another job I had I was partnered up with a man who cussed a lot. It was torture for me. But I never exhorted him because I was not taught too. After several months I began to cuss too. Today when someone does I ask them not too and thus I do not learn their ways and corrupt my own soul (Prov. 22:25)

God tells us how to love one another and how to love even our enemies. But religianity knows nothing of it. If they are doing something wrong tell them so that you do not bear a grudge and so that you are not their accomplice.

I told my son to ask them not too and if they mock him to ignore it and walk away. If they ask where are you going say unless you agree to not cuss I am going home. To do that each and every time. But most of all ask God in the moment what to do or say. For Jesus promised us that the Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth and tell us what to say IN the moment. If need be we can talk with their parents and if they call you a snich to tell them no I am helping you and trying to keep you as a friend.

I now understand that the guys gave me 75 dollars on the gutter job to keep me quite to intentionally make me an accomplice – to get me to “sin in”. And later they installed the gutters on the church free of charge as an additional bribe and to deal with their own conscience of conviction.

Belief alone is not enough – faith without works is dead.

They – the CC’s – think that grace and mercy means no accountability. They are mistaken being luke warm, blind, naked, and miserable yet deluded to think all is well like an ostrich with it head in the sand. If they read this they will be offended – if it was not true they would NOT be offended. Their offense is their sign and wonder it stands in witness against them.



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