Do for your neighbor what you would want him to do for you; No greater love than to put your life on the line for your fellow man.

I was trying to explain to my friend that his religious understanding of these two statements does not give him practical life application for them.

You see so many people seem to think that it is ok for them to not be a good Samaritan. To avoid trouble.

So I said to my friend: Lets say you were over visiting on Friday all evening. And then a few days later the police came to arrest you saying that a woman you know filled charges against you for rape. That this supposed rape took place Friday night. Would you be worried? Probably not. You would immediately think “I was with Brian, brian can easily testify as my alibi for this false accusation”. But what if I responded like you and said “I don’t want any trouble! I don’t want to get involved!” thus refusing to be your alibi.

How would you THEN feel? You would rightly feel betrayed.

What if it was mobsters doing a scam and they would even threaten my life? How would you feel? Would you think that duress was a legitimate excuse and thus would not feel betrayed?

If I were falsely accused I would want you to tell the truth and be my alibi. If I were falsely accused I would want you to risk your life to fight evil simply by telling the truth.

Don’t think this to be too hypothetical. I knew a pastor who was accused of a sexual relationship with a woman. She seemed to have details of many get togethers, but once she gave actual dates and times – each time he was with someone else….

Another man I met was on the street because his employer had cheated him. He had confiscated his passport and increased his rent (he both rented from him and worked for him). He told him that unless he paid an additional amount of money he would not give his id back. His two brothers in town refused to go and speak with the man with him saying “I don’t want any trouble”. Now if they went to the police – well the Greek police were friends with the extortioner and so were enabling him and thus were his accomplices.

So I went to the man and with the guy asked for the id back. He was afraid seeing me a large guy and an American. He ran us off his property. So we went to the police station and they ignored us telling us to come back the next day when the chief will be there. We did and no chief. Waited a few more hours and the officer said to me “go and grab him by the neck and demand it back, it is illegal for him to hold the id”. (they were pretending not to know him). I went to the mans house and as I arrived he was leaving, so I went up to his truck window and told him that the police said it was illegal for him to have the id. I slammed my hands against his car window and it scared him ([Like Jesus with the whip] I later realized the police had called him and warned him I was coming and had said I was going to beat him up). So I went back to the police, they said let me call him and did! Never asking us for his number – it was now I began to realize they know him! At this moment God whispered to me the man is more afraid than you are he will come to the station and I want you to put your mean face on (this was not hard usually when I am deep in thought people tell me I look angry). He arrived and was so distracted by my countance that he scraped the whole passenger side of his truck along a retaining wall. He wouldn’t walk over to the station without the other cop coming out to escort him he was so afraid to walk past me.

He went in and began to falsely accuse me. So I went and sat right next to him as I heard the Spirit. He could no longer speak clearly due to this closeness. He tried to say that I damaged his truck, the police wanted my passport, but I had a certified copy and he was angry saying I MUST have the original. (Later I realized he was going to confiscate it and then manipulate me with it but since I had only a certified copy [which is legal despite his insisting otherwise] he had no power) the cop then tried to accuse my Romanian friend of being an illegal alien but I reminded him that Romania joined the EU last year. He then went on about the truck. I said wait I have been asking you about the id for days….. they insisted on seeking to vilify me. I then suggest we go and look at the truck. Just then the Romanian guy got some courage and said that if they don’t do the right thing we will go and file a report at the head police station for the county against this station, that sobered up the cop and he demanded the man give the id back. It was all a whirlwind and I was scared it was obvious that they wanted to stop me and so I agreed to pay the man some money in order to get the id.

As we drove away with the id my new found Romanian friend cried. He thanked me saying he thought nobody would ever help him. (by the way if you are thinking why didn’t he just get a new one remember he was on the street without id no Job and no travel, plus it was not local to get a new one. He was really stuck).

So he was happy because someone risked himself for fairness. Someone put themselves in his position of being cheated, manipulated by even the local authorities. The cop said to me in the end “its not natural for you to be his friend” this he said because he was angry that we succeeded.

Now years later my Romanian friend is a witness to a brother having a continual problem of beating his family. Verbal and physical violence. It came to the attention of the DA and he refused to testify. So I said to him “you are glad to get help but not to help?’ You are his accomplice just as those police were your employers accomplices! His ego not wanting to hear this he not remembering that faithful are the wounds of a friend. Got angry and accused me of manipulation.

Jesus will judge us on one thing

“many many will come to me on that day and say “did we not cast out demons in your name, heal the sick and prophecy and I will say to them depart I NEVER knew you for you were UNJUST!” he will judge us if we have love, love can only come from him and love treats his neighbor the way he wants to be treated and risks his life for even his enemies.

Risk your life doing for your neighbor what you would want him to do for you if the roles were reversed and this – will change the world!

Christianity no longer changes the world – it is clubs and clicks full of back biting, hatred and superiority minded religious fools!