What are they really saying?

A thirteen year old girl in our church community was raped by her uncle. It had happened more than once. Her father not wanting to do the right thing and turn in the uncle declared it was his daughters fault. He beat her. Due to her trauma she began pulling out her hair. So he beat her to teach her not to pull out her hair

I told the church that the uncle needs to be reported to the authorities. I told the community the father needs to be turned into the authorities lest we be complicit – that is accomplices. If repentant the father would be on probation for three years having been required to see a psychiatrist.

They all said “better to let it go and forgive”.

But this is a crime and we are criminally negligent if we do nothing. Neither are repentant!

Again they said “better to let it go and forgive”. And so I wondered – is this an excuse or really believed? (the man still beats his family their let it go brought no change)

Some time later a brother in our church community was committing adultery. As scripture says I went to speak with him. He said it was none of my business. But his wife is my friend before him and I said she will feel betrayed if I don’t tell her I would rather you told her.

Jesus said to get a witness. So I sought one and they said to me “better to let it go and forgive”. But Jesus said to talk to him NOT to let it go. Jesus said if we love him we will keep his commandment to get a witness and talk to our brother.

Oh brian just let it go why would you want to cause trouble?

Then I wondered. Is this an excuse?

If you are not willing to be witness you will not inherit the kingdom of God.

If we are unfaithful in the few we will be unfaithful in the many.

When anyone says let it go and forgive what are they really saying? Many times it has been drilled into their minds and they are just regurgitating what they know. But most the time it is an excuse for selfishness, laziness, and just pure evil.


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