Reviling is a word I use to not understand. In 1 Corinthians Ch 5 is says not to keep company with a brother named a reviler. When I would look at commentaries or ask preachers they would tell me only that it means to blaspheme God.

Since then I have learned to ask God to teach me and one day while walking down the road I heard him say “when you go home look up the word revile in the original Greek in 1 Cor. 5 and study where else it is used, its synonyms, and its antonyms.”

That was a lot of work. The easiest verse that helped me begin to understand what it means is John 9:28 where the exact word is used as in 1 Cor. 5 and not a synonym.

“then they reviled him and said, “you are his disciple, but we are Moses’ disciples.”

Here it is a statement of superiority. Other places are in 1 Cor 6 and in Gal where it says that a reviler will NOT inherit the kingdom of God.

A place that uses a synonym is 2 Peter where it says when they speak evil to you on your part God is glorified but on their part God is blasphemed. The word blasphemy and speak evil IS a synonym to reviler which in Greek is Lidoros.

Then Father spoke to me again and had me read the story of Merriam belittling Moses to Aaron because his wife is black. She reviled Moses saying he was not the best choice due to his wife. But she did not realize she was saying that God was stupid HE did not make a good choice. Thus she simultaneously reviled Moses and blasphemed God. God then gave her leprosy in her flesh to show us what reviling does to our souls. Moses begged for her flesh to be healed and I beg for their souls to be healed and since they do not understand what I understand they see my earnestness as foolishness.

Therefore anytime we are rude, act superior too or insult anyone –EVEN THE DEVILS* – we are a reviler and have blasphemed God.

We can say someone is being evil – that their actions are evil, but it is for God to judge if THEY ARE EVIL! How do we reconcile what I just said with “a brother named a reviler”. The sin we judge is not the reviling, the extortion or the adultery. NO the sin we judge is the sin of excusing sin. So if a brother has reviled we tell him. If he doesn’t hear it we gather two or three and tell him. If he does not repent we say he is reviling he is excusing his behavior thus he is a reviler we judge him a false brother until he at anytime repents. Even if he reviled seven times in a day we seek his repentance EACH TIME!. So we do not declare him a reviler but a brother who had BEEN reviling. We don’t say he IS an adulterer but a brother who has been (doing the action) of adultery.

When two or three are gathered we are his hands and feet, his body, his bride – a mother who is given charge to discipline/train his children.

In my experience reviling occurs for sure when an unrepentant brother is confronted.

Reviling phrases that have been said to me:

your nuts

You are crazy

You are cuckoo

Your mental

Your thin skinned

Who gave you authority

You just want to be right

You are homosexual

Your tricking us for an evil purpose

Your judging

Get the plank out of your own eye

Its none of your business

Your possessed

You have a demon

You hear the devil

You are twisting scripture

You hold a grudge

You are unforgiving

You are a cult leader

That was so long ago

You are dishonoring your parnets


These are said to give a red herring. To deflect and change the subject.

So the commentaries and preachers I talked to and read were correct it is blasphemy but they had NO idea that it was rudeness and superiority! I hear Jesus saying to them “And you are teachers!!!”

*It says that Michael in the book of Jude dared not bring a reviling accusation against the devil. The greek word is not lodoros there but blasphemia a synonm for lidoro.


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