When is name calling helpful and not helpful?

I find that in a way it is always helpful. When someone calls me a name it often reveals their heart. Then there is telling someone what they are likened to when trying to open their mind.

Likening someone to something should be done to help them. Often people don’t want the help so they will hate you for having done so. John the Baptist called the religious a brood of vipers. They were people who bit and poisoned others with their words and teachings. Jesus said they were white washed tombs trying to tell them that they looked good on the outside but were not healthy on the inside.

Then the religious called Jesus and John madmen, devils.

It comes down to motive. Jesus and John were attempting to help them while the religious were attempting to vilify John and Jesus so that they could justify not heeding their messages.

On the other hand when Paul was hit on the cheek by order of the high priest and called him a white washed tomb, he then repented of having done so. Jesus didn’t revile but Paul did! Why? Paul did not give just a rebuke but he showed an attitude of superiority in his rebuke. Had he just said “you strike me contrary to the law does that not make you a white washed tomb?’ it would not have been reviling.

Recently a woman said I was cuckoo. Well let me quote her:

“you are cuckoo…Feel sorry for your family…God bless…hope you mentality improves…I am going to block you and remove your post.”

What had I done or said? I simply said that turning the other cheek means to give exhortation. I quoted from scripture where Jesus had been hit in the cheek and he exhorted the man for having done so. John 18:23

When someone does NOT WANT to hear or even consider what you are saying, they will vilify you in order to justify themselves – she could have just asked me to not speak with her and even to please delete the post. Her overreaction is defensive and thus indicates that she knows the logic is valid, but it goes against her tradition and she felt pain and this pain – which is natural and part of the process – in her ignorance interpreted it as an attack..

I had my 14yr old daughter read her response. She was shocked that a supposed Christian would be so rude and verbally violent while saying “God bless you” she said “as if the God bless you makes it ok to be evil”. I explained to my daughter that it is a natural psychological response.

When people heard the world was round and not flat they initally responded in this negative way because they were close minded on the subject. They refused to consider it, they refused to look at the evidence and instead chose to vilify Galileo calling him a madman and an idiot. When this did not deter him they then killed him. In the same way when Stephen loved his neighbors by telling them that they are resisting the Holy Spirit, that they by having killed Jesus is likened to them having killed the prophets of old, not wanting to hear the truth and possibly repent took it as an attack and so they KILLED him! Keep in mind they felt literal pain in their consciences while they heard this. He pricked their hearts. (heaped burning coals upon their heads)

Today it’s not so easy to have sanctioned murder and so the polite assassination is vilifying you and then slandering you to others.

Blood is literally restricted in the brain, they feel literal pain, this is part of the healing process. But like an infant that gets an immunization they don’t understand that the pain is to benefit them.

I like to quote Star Trek in this matter. The captain is going to do an unjust act and his first officer is trying to reason with him that it goes against who we are as a people and the captain replies:

“I am not gonna take ethics lessons from a robot.”

To which is non-emotional logical first officer replies:

“Reverting to name calling suggests that you are defensive, and therefore, find my opinion valid.”

This woman said I was an insane idiot over a conversation of turning the other cheek and her response to call me names and to block me without any chance of mercy was not in anyway her applying her version of turning the other cheek. “They lay burdens that they themselves cannot lift” and hate you if you dare try to be kind and point it out. “A wise man will receive instruction and become wiser”. “He who hates instruction is a fool”.

No body seems to cares enough to help her see this. Everyone says “I have work of the Lord to do” and or “be warm and fed” as she said to me. If I ask they will even say that I am causing problems rather than the truth, namely they don’t see the importance and would rather not be involved. They too vilify to justify their own selfish way. Or they may say “just forgive and let it go”. And at times an exhortation is enough, but if a repeated issue a mother should be brought in.

For every idle word we speak we will be judged. I would seek to spare them from this judgment. Yet I can tell them only twice and then avoid them. If no body wants to be a witness so that where two or there are gathered there HE is in the midst and so we are HIS body, HIS bride, A MOTHER!. There is nothing more I can do and to try to is to become a problem myself. It is to be quarrelsome and contentious.


It is said to “saved” believers that revilers will not inherit the kingdom of God. Believers seem to have no idea what it means to be a reviler. ( )

When we have a tradition and are not open to hearing it may be wrong someone proving us wrong literally hurts us and can feel like we are being attacked. It is not an attack. For example when Peter had his vision to eat the unclean meat, he was not open to the idea that now he could eat just any meat. So his response was to rebuke God! Very presumptuous to correct God is it not? But God knows this is a natural response to truth and forbore with him.

Today when someone hears such a thing from God they rush to say that they must have heard the devil and not God or that they are crazy and need to be admitted.

Nobody wants to take the time to work things out. Too many jump to take sides, rather than being on the side of fairness. Its funny Father had me say to her “to arbitrarily call someone cuckoo is to revile that person” I then looked up the word arbitrarily and it says “ … forcing your will on others without any regard to fairness or necessity” and synonyms are dictatorial, high-handed, imperious, etc.

She felt attacked rather than informed and her response was to attack! We are commanded to not return reviling for reviling. I neither reviled her nor attacked her and she both reviled and attacked me. She is not open to hearing. We are told to inform them twice and then to move on knowing that such a person is warp minded and sinning. That is they are not open-minded (teachable).

Studies have shown – through a ten year study with MRI scans – that the brain of religious persons set in their ways actually atrophies (decays) at a faster rate than normal.

Being religious is literally bad for your health, maturity, and intelligence.

Jesus said when you see the religious being hypocritical flee!

There is a cure but nobody will bear with new wine in a new wineskin….They see the new wine in their old wineskin and it bursts and this bursting they claim as proof that we should leave well enough alone. Thus nobody matures.


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